Rapid & Cost-Effective Web3 Video Processing

Web3 powered video processing API and infrastructure make it easy for anyone to build a video streaming app

section one main player

Uncomplicated & Inexpensive Video Processing

Everyone knows that video is the most consumed and engaging form of digital content. In fact, over 80% of internet bandwidth is video streaming. However, the infrastructure and skills needed for video processing are complex and complicated. Wavestream changes this.

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Simplified Processing

We use the power of existing decentralized technologies to form a sophisticated yet simple system anyone can use.

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Rapid & Reliable

Wavestream provides an optimal viewing experience for all, no matter the bandwidth available to each user.

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Reduced Cost

By leveraging existing technologies and embracing web3, we’ve massively reduced the cost of video processing.

A Complete Web3 Video Toolkit

Everything you need to build a video streaming app professionally

section 3 video on demand

Video On Demand

section 3 live streaming

Live Streaming

section 3 customizable workflow

Customizable Workflow

section 3 DVR enabled


section 3 clipping video


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Try Wavestream for Free

Be one of the first few lucky developers to get your hands on the ground-breaking, Wavestream platform. Contact us for a free trial today, and discover our intuitive Web3 video processing features.

The Wavestream Success Formula

section 5 web3 technology

Web 3 Technology

Powered by the latest and most sophisticated web3 technologies available.

section 5 user interface friendly


Easy-to-use interfaces, APIs and SDKs make Wavestream suitable for all users.

section 5 feature rich


An unmatched list of features that no other Web3 video processing provider can compete with.

section 5 fullstack service

Full-Stack Service Platform

A rapid, reliable, and high-performance infrastructure at a fraction of the average market cost.

section 6 high performance video worker

High-Performance Video Processing Made Accessible

With existing video processing platforms, building your own infrastructure is one of two things – expensive and feature-right or cheap and complicated. Wavestream takes the benefits of Saas solutions and Web3 platforms and fuses them together to form a ground-breaking video processing platform.

The Video Processing Journey Redefined

section 7 transcoding enabled


Raw video files are reformatted to provide an optimal viewing experience no matter the bandwidth.

section 7 storage & hosting


Transcoded video stored, ready to play as video on demand or as a DVR feature.

section 7 download


Guaranteed high availability and performance as content is replicated on a node matched to the user.

Why Choose Wavestream

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Unmatched Product

Nobody can match the features, functionality, and incredible price of our web3 video processing platform

section 8 premuim customer support

Premium Customer Support

To ensure users get the most out of Wavestream, we’ll always be on hand to provide support and guidance, every step of the way

section 8 independent company

Independent Company

We’re not backed by venture capitalists keen to make a quick buck. Our team is dedicated to our mission and will always remain independent

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